(photos: ©Wier Boerner Allin Architecture)

This fall semester, I had the privilege of participating in my school’s first Externship Program. I left campus several days a week for about a month to spend time at Wier Boerner Allin Architecture and Duvall Decker Architects.

I learned about projects around the city of Jackson that are contributing to the city’s urban development, and I got to visit several construction sites of these projects. I also learned about the daily lives of people in different roles at an architecture firm.

I really loved my experience at these architecture firms, and I am thankful for these opportunities.



Click here for more about Wier Boerner Allin Architecture’s Mississippi Trade Mart project, which I had the privilege of visiting while still a construction site >>

© Wier Boerner Allin Architecture


© Wier Boerner Allin Architecture